What We Do

We work with SMEs, Accounts, and Solicitors to bring about behavioral change within their business, in order to improve individual and organisational performance.  We will conduct either 1:1 or small group based sessions to bring about these changes, and help you through the process of inducing change and business improvement.  The process will involve discussions to identify the underlying issues.  We will then outline from our experience how we can best effect behavioral change for the long term.

About You

You are a business owner who wants change.  You have recognised that there are deep rooted attitudes and beliefs which are impacting performance and productivity.  You are unsure how to address these issues, or perhaps have tried in the past unsuccessfully.  You already have an understanding of what you need….

  • A big change or may be something much smaller
  • A change that is being forced upon you by the market or the sector you are in, or
  • The results are good but you think they could be even better

The reason for the change isn’t important, what matters is …… You want something to be different and you are prepared to do something about it.

You are probably frustrated because…

  • You have tried lots of things already, but they’re not delivering what you expected
  • Some things do seem to work, but only for a short time
  • Your don’t feel your overall vision is shared by your entire team
  • You feel as though you are treading water

How We Can Help

We find that most of the issues our customers are experiencing can be clearly visualised using what we call the Pinna Change Model.

Do all your team fully accept they need to change; that the Current Reality is not an option or is there resistance, or worse still, complacency?  This is the first step in any Change effort, without it all you get is lip service from them and frustration for you.

We can help you get your message across in a way that is heard and acted upon;

  • Do you have a compelling vision
  • Does it make you and your people want to get out of bed every morning?
  • Can you effectively explain it in 3 minutes or less?

We can help you draw up your compelling vision for your business.

If you have made some changes already, are they similar to stage two of the diagram above?

Are they tangible things such as structure, systems, technology? If so, they may be useful and necessary!

They may have cost a lot in terms of time, money and other resources.

But frustratingly you’re not where you want to be! The temptation is to do more of the small chevron stuff, because it’s what everybody does and because it’s measurable.

Unfortunately, on their own, this type of change will never get you to where you want to be, because people will always find ‘work-arounds’ in a new IT system, or incentive system.

We don’t do the small stuff;

To change from where you are now, and to achieve your compelling vision, you must change behaviours and what drives behaviours.

That’s what we do!

We help leaders and managers to change behaviours and attitudes which influence behaviours.  Through this change we will help to improve your business, achieve your targets and to empower your workforce to fulfill it’s potential.

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Creating Change in Leaders and Managers for Improved Performance

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