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Many of our customers leave reviews with us, so we decided to set up a review page to show off all the kind words we receive.

Darren Godbert UK Carline Ltd.

“We’ve just had our best ever quarter, breaking all previous records for sales, turnover and profitability.  This was achieved by applying the principles I’m learning, looking at myself and what impact my actions have on my team and my business.”

Martin Knapp MD Mycroft Talisen Ltd

“As MD I used to spend my time monitoring how my people and my business was performing against various targets we had set. Since working with PINNA my team have volunteered their own target which unbelievably is double what I would have given them! They also monitor how they’re doing and I get on with adding value to my business by looking at strategy, marketing and looking after clients (and keeping an eye on the numbers of course).

What does this mean for my business? Results 25% ahead of (a successful) prior year!

What does it mean for me? In a word “invigorated”

James S. Allison Partner, Head of Real Estate Division Napthens Solicitors

Napthens Solicitors

“As you know I have, over the last three years or so progressed from being appointed to Head of our East Lancashire office, to build that up, to now being on the Board and Head of the Real Estate Division in my firm. I have to say, I believe that there is a direct correlation from my learning from the PINNA course and this success – both for myself personally and for my firm.

I have managed to use these skills to such an extent that team-working in East Lancs is exemplary as is its financial performance. And in my role on the Board now and the position of Head of Real Estate across our business, they have been invaluable in opening people up and getting the best out of them even at such an early stage.

I took a lot away from the course and, so much so, I have recommended you to Kevin Duffy, the Head of Lancashire at Baker Tilly and to Thames Academy too.
Thanks for your time and look forward to continue working with you.”

Chris Boardman

“As part of my role working with the Great Britain Olympic Cycling Team, I went through an intensive leadership development programme. It was an utterly life changing experience, profoundly improving the way I do business today. Two years later I was invited to present at a PINNA workshop and was immediately struck by the similarities. The programme was clearly inspiring the participants and developing them as leaders and managers. Having witnessed it first hand, I could not recommend the service strongly enough to anyone in a leadership role.”

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