Jack Rowlands

I specialise in enabling managers to improve the performance of their company by training them how to initiate changes in staff behaviour, attitudes and beliefs.  My coaching methods are proven to substantially improve the performance of everyone involved in the business resulting in increased productivity and profits.

Business Background

My background in business involved me rising through the ranks and benefiting from a fast track promotion scheme.  As a senior manager for a well known high street PLC I received a great deal of management training and have a proven record of running a successful team. Despite being technically excellent and having a good reputation I still wanted to reach higher and achieve more.  

Why change?  

I was inspired to make changes after being asked to run a pilot where we were asked to try coaching as a management style.  The results were astounding, normally targets were set at 10% year on year increase in income on the scheme we increased the target to 16%, which was stretching us a little.  In reality we actually achieved 57%.

What Was The Secret?

The pilot was such a great success because it introduced coaching into the leadership and management mix.  These three elements are particularly effective when they are combined because they compliment each other.  Coaching on its own is quite informal and lacks drive.  Management and leadership styles can be draconian and underestimate what staff are capable of.  Adding the coaching element results in staff setting their own targets and working extremely hard to achieve them.

Inspiring Others

14 years later I have honed my skills and train others to initiate change in their business lives.  I am extremely comfortable when working with accountants and solicitors as that is an environment I have vast experience in, particularly where identifying change is concerned.  Working with SMEs is particularly rewarding as I enjoy observing business owners tapping the unrealised potential from themselves and their staff.

Reaching For The Stars

I thoroughly advocate change for the better and delight in seeing managers who are able to raise expectations in their business because their staff are not afraid to aim high when setting targets. If you stifle the creativity of your staff they will end up like fleas in a jar, only jumping as high as you let them.

Hobbies and Relaxation

Because I work a lot from home, and there’s always a lot of preparation and reflection going on both physically and mentally, it’s nice to get away with the family and really take time out to refresh.

Hobbies include gym, golf and cycling.

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