Is Your Company Ready To Change?

In order to instigate change in any business the management needs to have a firm grasp of their company vision.  Managers need to be able to motivate their staff so that they will cooperate with the necessary changes. Many business owners are frustrated because their staff don’t seem to have grasped the company ethos.  Often staff don’t understand what is expected of them because their superiors have been unable to communicate the company goals effectively.

Explaining Your Company Vision

Before you try to sell your vision to your staff you really need to be very clear about what you are trying to achieve.  You need to be able to explain your company vision succinctly and excite your staff so that they will willingly make changes to their daily routine. You need to know which changes are beneficial to the company and help you to achieve your goals.

Leading By Example

Changing the attitudes of your staff can be as simple as changing your behaviour towards them.  Often managers think that they have to go to the expense of installing new IT systems to increase productivity.  In reality it can result in a decrease in productivity because old behaviours can be repeated on new equipment.  Being proud that 85% of appraisals are completed on time doesn’t really achieve anything. The first step to changing your staff’s behaviour is by looking at the way they are managed and changing your behaviour accordingly.

Identifying Behaviours That Inhibit Change

Our courses will enable business managers to re-evaluate the way they think and behave.  Thus enabling them to change their behaviours in a way that will allow them to successfully change the behaviour of their staff. When managers have achieved clarity and understanding in these areas they will be empowered to move their business forward.

We work with accountants, solicitors and SMEs to learn skills to help them to deal with managerial roles.  We provide courses that give new managers the confidence to motivate and lead staff with a clear vision of their business.  We use the T/P model to demonstrate the transition between technical skills required for the job and the people skills required in order to manage a team.

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