Are Your Staff Stifling Your Small Business?

Often small business owners can become overwhelmed when their business becomes so successful that they are required to be in two places at once.  The only way to expand and keep up with demand is to employ staff.  Motivating staff, so that they provide the high quality service that is expected by customers, is challenging and frustrating.  Often disappointment in staff performance is caused by a lack of good management skills.  Even when you have identified the issues and have made steps towards rectifying them, solutions are not always effective. You need to be able to communicate ideas to your staff in a way that they will understand and explain how it benefits the business and the security of their jobs.

Motivating Staff

Most frustration occurs when it appears that staff have seemingly misunderstood instructions and have shown a lack of initiative when good opportunities have arisen.  Many opportunities are missed simply because staff are not informed of the company’s vision and their role is not clear. Often measures to correct unsatisfactory staff behaviour is unsuccessful due to not knowing the root cause.  Identifying the most effective way to manage your staff will save you both time and money. Staff members are motivated by different incentives and the key is to find which ones are most effective with individuals and the workforce as whole.

Communication And understanding

Often the most successful ways to solve motivation issues is by listening to staff and communicating your ideas clearly.  At Pinna we will provide you with tools to help you to deal with awkward conversations regarding performance, identify which methods will work with your staff and empower you with the ability to make those all important changes that will bring about the lasting changes you want to see.

There is no time like the present – If you would like to make changes to your business structure please get in touch so that we can discuss your options.

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