Are You Ready To Expand Your Accountancy Firm?

When you decide to become an accountant your initial goal is to become a good accountant.  Once you achieve this goal you suddenly find yourself propelled into a management role.  All of your accountancy training does not prepare you for managing people and dealing directly with customers.  Running an accountancy firm involves much more than balancing customers’ books and tax returns. Accountants are increasingly being asked to provide business advice so a thorough understanding of your own business is essential.  You will only realistically be able to offer sound business advice when you have identified your own unique selling point and have a clear vision of your accountancy firm’s future.

Identifying Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Through exercises, tasks and role play we will help you to identify your unique selling point and enable you to show potential clients why they should choose you instead of your nearest competitor. One of the tasks involves looking at your competitors marketing materials and website and substituting your business name and logo instead of theirs.  Once you have read through their information you will be asked to amend it so that you are talking about your business.  Any changes you make will highlight where your accountancy firm is different and where you may have to make changes to your company vision.  We will also look at how you can communicate your company’s strength verbally so that you are able to demonstrate why you should be chosen

Motivating Staff

Once you reach partner level there is a definite shift in the relationship you have with other members of staff.  When you are in a position of responsibility the way you communicate with your staff is very different to the way you talk to your peers.  As a manager you have to have a very clear understanding of your company’s vision so that your staff can work in harmony with you.  We will also look at the roles in your firm and how you are utilising the staff you have to fulfil your business needs.  We will also discuss ways in which you can communicate with your staff in a positive and effective way in order to instigate any necessary changes in your company’s structure.

Increasing Your Cross – Sell Ratio

A cross – sell ratio refers to the number of services your clients sign into that you haven’t actively sold to them.  Research has shown that a customer who purchases three or more services is more likely to remain loyal to your company (FMSI). We will discuss ways in which you can verbalise your understanding of your client’s business and your expertise in the work you are going to do.  Customers who trust your advice and capabilities are likely to remain loyal and recommend you to their friends and clients.

If you would like to have more information about our course to help you run your accountancy business please get in touch and we would be very happy to help you to discuss your options.

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