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Are You Ready To Expand Your Accountancy Firm?

When you decide to become an accountant your initial goal is to become a good accountant.  Once you achieve this goal you suddenly find yourself propelled into a management role.  All of your accountancy training does not prepare you for managing people and dealing directly with customers.  Running an accountancy firm involves much more than balancing customers’ books and tax returns. Accountants are increasingly being asked to provide business advice so a thorough understanding of your own business is essential.  You will only realistically be able to offer sound business advice when you have identified your own unique selling point and have a clear vision of your accountancy firm’s future. Identifying Your Unique Selling Point (USP) Through exercises, tasks and role play we will help
Jack Rowlands

Is Your Company Ready To Change?

In order to instigate change in any business the management needs to have a firm grasp of their company vision.  Managers need to be able to motivate their staff so that they will cooperate with the necessary changes. Many business owners are frustrated because their staff don’t seem to have grasped the company ethos.  Often staff don’t understand what is expected of them because their superiors have been unable to communicate the company goals effectively. Explaining Your Company Vision Before you try to sell your vision to your staff you really need to be very clear about what you are trying to achieve.  You need to be able to explain your company vision succinctly and excite your staff so that they will willingly make changes
Jack Rowlands

Are Your Staff Stifling Your Small Business?

Often small business owners can become overwhelmed when their business becomes so successful that they are required to be in two places at once.  The only way to expand and keep up with demand is to employ staff.  Motivating staff, so that they provide the high quality service that is expected by customers, is challenging and frustrating.  Often disappointment in staff performance is caused by a lack of good management skills.  Even when you have identified the issues and have made steps towards rectifying them, solutions are not always effective. You need to be able to communicate ideas to your staff in a way that they will understand and explain how it benefits the business and the security of their jobs. Motivating Staff Most frustration
Jack Rowlands

Do You Need To Initiate Change In Your Law Firm?

Whether you are a Chief Executive, Head of Department or An individual fee earner you will reach a point where change is necessary. You may want to encourage others in your Law Firm to see the potential that isn’t being realised. Or you would like to improve the performance of either a team or an individual.  If you work for yourself you may have identified aspects of your performance that needs improving. Helping Law Firms To Embrace Change And To Grow PEP We have an extensive knowledge of working with solicitors and other professional firms with up to 250 employees. Our vast experience of working with law firms has enabled us to identify the elements that need to be changed in order for improvements to
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